Wednesday, August 13, 2008


y/our pulling lip: I
furl fer the wine/deftquiver y/our surety
overleft from correct from decorated
from deft ancestrals/sadnesses
y/our luscious again shush: I
y/our fingerpressed in-
rim flavour pursue
which wounds which
knowledgeabled aim: y/our lick
advantaged forefed y/our no
needing y/our other
tendril tenacity than take: I
noguess neither erreur oblige
y/our swallow noblesse grievances
vintaged, laid gone ferment
gone maid down gone
lacemad with years y/our sweet
y/our smile y/our misplaced
handle on it y/our decor-
ative hiddens overiped
sucked in immediately: I y/our thus
correct curve whose hmm
choose-kiss temporarily
empty of world pouts
against remediacy
(we with the
finally) form
-ally pours

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