Thursday, August 21, 2008


this edsl sign
these ubiquitouses: I
lumber the previous mainder
reorder the morning agenda the
parabollicking tendency get-
aways there hides ghosts
they are wooled
they spitlay
chromal eggs along
sweatchest damp fibres
breasts splayed by the ghoul aura: I
dig deep into pocket seam
parameters the traffic is
a tag line for the hand
patrol wander: I
splice tender
from malign
the crawls pander to their hidehurt: we
have hauled divide knives
eyes yurt hearts bigsilk
over the tender
trawl non-defends
cry loam nourishes the leasts: I
cross between dawn mines
wipe nipples free of
maulmites spool
the thighsteel
to joopfeel: I
smart in my yet unslicked partcrack
for a pack of ants, would
swap for a swarm for
a nest on the neck: I
maunder a two finger slew: I
deadhead the semi-
temporary itch to
parchwood labia and onto swollen arse
the car bike bus ménages pass, are
a smooch substitute
the rub fabric

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