Saturday, August 16, 2008


and with the wither we are
altered and with the alter
we are salt faultered
are attenuated on
the further march
rubyeyed the loveblood
chest unstaunched
pain pluralated: I
late am a match
for stepped gain: tip
toe over the willow haunts
am filled with batteneds
with xyster-thoughts
plea spraint the wainscoting’s
twee cream something
haughtily shot-puce
‘n endometriummed
past babies come
out in a shoot of their
own flowering crying: now
we are free to skither about
our slithery origins are mithered
are invested hope predictable growth
curves critical periods: I
tie my laces against
proof, rheumy this
haplogic which
attests dreams beget
take my pillow, rawbone,
miscellaneous patchedsilk
into the hovelled staunch nest
dabble with stoppable
dither myself until


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