Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I desiderate y/our soak satin
for our appropinquity
illusion pull y/our
drip imprue from
the seccocrust behest: then
again y/our manifest confess for that, that
bedshift in a dryplate impress
the almost shambles
the shoulder
stumble test the
abreast initiative
the nil argumentative: I
half after a moist-start a
cling reset: I
the dew tongue
begin imbue the ripe hasten
crest fizz the rise sherbet touchpalm: we
for slide long for appreciable for madid
reachables talk nigh yes imports: we
clavver about our joint sweat dreg
our arguables we boundaryless
rudder the bladder escape
some ageless some
when-occasional some
wry, the dryable splayed
to rue piss the spray
provender wander
the insigh our
core meander: we
little-death the blot excess: we
y/our partitive afterlife
exsiccate: we
unharm our satiate: we
happenrest, leg-intrenched then

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