Friday, September 12, 2008


the rise repeal repress: I hover
us the fleet dream passing
morning the misplaceds
which limbs wake their
which caress songs: I
fathom for the hip
press: y/our aft-generous leg slip
to the frisk test y/our a little later
y/our return to the sameskin
rest then breath then chest
then back-lisp a crest a
frenulum risk hasp
after the open
surmise: I plunder
the hypnapopic acquiesce
slumber the sweetness
behest arm drop to
the happenchance request list
the witherene rising from its damppool
the skeething tut-teeth tethering their
conservative circumspect, more
the dread-sink in the stomach
the adrenergic pitalert
the swirt formaline
demands: y/our
skirt swirl
derfs: I
stir to the finally firm finds - blessed

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I dig.
And you speak to a generation when you talk of frenulum risk.
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