Tuesday, September 16, 2008


y/our chayyim dottle in the whiskin bowl: I
slow-watch its slow-drip slopbalm
my plunge hands my finger face
demi-soothed in desiderations
my anger-auger a sprottle in
my rumen gag place: I
straw for the fierce
y/our salutiferous behest a’penanceing in
the overstark, potentially awed my
stagger to the furthervessel
hall a bellow-wok in a
goose stain hollow: I
tallow for y/our wait
fathom shadows to a less-cr
mass dace shape hold semi
a quasi-grace in my palm
fold: I hidden wipe y/our
taint taste over my
suck preference
a meerschaum lace trough ghost
trail luck history-shoddy and
plain pain staked and
want ruddering up
the fantasy stiff
complaints: I
cripple for the health wish hobble and
we-awash y/our follow-compliance
submissived in the cower recall
missal my happy pressure
replace, phase
recauled krissed and unfect cranky
y/our clear chiasmed: I
grok my sent
soapool equal
- splayed

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