Thursday, October 16, 2008


there are graspetals where thorn thunder: I
gag you/r breath-returns for their
disregards cumulingus
sparse the threadtare bares and
deciduous spit marls finger-dualled and
part mouth faction tongue burl
a lick growthed
a suckrose promise
spithering its tuber ghost its
spentscent nascent gathering
id immense and fervent for grabbing: too
a spine lather as spontaneous as
cheat prince laughter the
prospecting princess
belly presented the
tucked courtiers
a starry
piphany until slickygift
in y/our fellationimbus hose
propriety dewprick sloegarden
grassed by grace fairy gobspots
sheen-easy unhairy flowsewn
and emptied of diademmed
dim expectation: I
courtier you
thrill you
from the bind throe dares
find you rose, bare still
and there-smarting

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I like "a suckrose promise." Thanks for the read.

Jee Leong
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