Wednesday, October 08, 2008


disappointment a wishcrevice
calm koi pass, tenuous
an ennui upon
stones: desire a dour recitative
throbs echo how the pulse
was taught to hurt was
help-weeds’ lone
the elbow unmawkish
dependable you/r riddle the open
cause source you/r coy the
everyday hidden others
their revoke terses be
maybe their peeve
how they may churn for prone
expectations until slump
buttery and sick to
stomach tales
then of suicides and glorious
tabloid-like sunset saviours
neighbours who bray
lovers who whinny
the micro-fanged

bottom scavengers also
vains selfishs at an angle
to a cause a romantic fiction
turns pretty pack-graphics piranha
we grabble fishtongue clues
lump together a
swell tissfood a clump
spitstew, buoy; toss: marvel

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