Tuesday, November 18, 2008


t/his brackenberry bluedaisy snowgem
armpit mush the palliative gloop for
that which is not placid
but an ambush an
t/he sweetsweat grail a musktuber nose
gay swathe which otherwise eats
its etherway is scratched from
.....air ployed somewhat

beneath fingernails’
bare arm trail worship of that by
stink by dampgather dither a
sense-trivet a suckswoop a
saliva saver a sudden
touch desiderative
loop. The trail
which travails
its start its basal unfails
by smart by slew intelligence
semi-sly then keen-faster point

tip slippy palpables’ ways
hurry-proof and
slow good:
t/his body prerequisited map laid
and scrointed ooze-lazy
barely yet yet lip
investigated, t/his
pullpetal openly
.............. ..delayed

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This sounds to my ear as if it has to be read aloud by Dylan Thomas as if reading from Finnegan's Wake.

I find "t/he" puzzling. In the RSS feed I thought perhaps you had found a neat way to get RSS feeds to show line breaks.

I am a poetry writer, but I couldn't write something from this school. It comes on like it's a sentence that layers, that hiccups through possibilities before settling, that jumps around and frames just so, to begin. The layers are interesting and artful and linguistically fine; but I wonder if the objective is worth the trip, as it appears it is the trip, and not the objective, that is the true strength of the piece.

Maybe I'm too old for this type of work: I like it, but I don't really get it.
I agree with the Dylan Thomas connection - but sort of Dylan Thomas channeling ee cummings -
None of those comparisons should take a ounce away from the brilliant use of sound in this piece - stunning work Ann.
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