Thursday, March 26, 2009


you/r chirurgeonly hack you/r hang
on the skipper's door the blood
apron caked and drawn as
separating curtain you/r
barratry drawl how
how obvious how
the obvious-limbs fall
off how heavy-scatter after
the hacksaw how
the glance-
back how the
salivating trigger
the hypothecating trawl
you/r covet
you/r overstep
you/r patrooning rights
effects the eventual affects
like pluralated like underbrandied
screams the auguries are plump-ovened
a numb fights with death a dawn bursary
a slackening deadfest
birds gratis
hope apothecaric the turn
the amputee hurt the seemingly
familiar trust septicaemia'hd: I
pain-rehearse: I
cook a story: I
gather you/r bottomry slops unto
a girth of ripe-red a rump day
a repeat operation enough
speculation flesh for
piranha oceans
the deck bleached with analysis-lime
waves pound regret-froth an'
told-you shit, yet
bit by bit you
wash you/r
of it

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Grisly, but I like it.
Thanks for the follow on twitter. Your poetry interests me. I don't mean that in the way people say when they don't want to make an artist feel bad and they give you a polite, "That's interesting." I really mean it interests me.

I'm working on a story now that runs a little more free with language than the average and what I'm feeling while I'm working on it is vaguely similar to what I'm feeling while I'm reading your stuff. That's all for now. I'll check back in in the future.
I like "The hacksaw how" -- that phrase would make a good title. Or band name. Somehow it sticks with you.
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