Thursday, April 09, 2009


I: mither bedlint and dust into an
approximation into an
eventual into an
effigy my fore and index
circumlittorate flows
the know eddy
the expects
the knurlish why
the re-expiscateds
those cycles from flush to
neck throes from breath
relents to gasps to
slow doom
the lesser moans
rising from morning-mons
the upsweat derisables, how
a pore catharsis to its seen-face
goes rosacea'hd and
rub e'scorched and
spunctions and
blown to unshunned sunset
I: famished into those
bloodruns their zest
their tart their face their therethere
usuable arguments how inflect how sharpt-
changeable the right to lengthy to how apt
finishing at a line a breadth-caught
imaginary a steady a beaded
lowerlip a churl a perhaps-
sentiment hucked
until... out
I: dry to
tender having
slissed the
a cloud-hollow armpit brief
a findplace ordering
a sky tut, in. A
miss of the balanced
I: mould smooth
until final, until

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