Thursday, April 02, 2009


and: I am going into the sleepdark without

you defenestered out the uncouthing

night-window shout a hair-witch to

relieve me wreathe me

her juliet-chord: I

fall against


am stark

am uncert-feathered

by some lunar random

am try remembered then

am try endangered again then

try exhausted: I

almost level almost levered

surpassed by valerian posie

usurped by specie-special ride-hags

brought bouncing tugged

seduced stamped

dated related to

logicals put in

line the cunt-fume

caldroners hanker me: I

can only a no yet so silent

my horse-whisper breath imperceptible

all hollow all mouth curt all so-terrible

a deadcert ingluvies creature

come-crawls from the

creepspace silence

all shiverance all


hole-protuberance: I

my recollection of it shout

arms are pillow hurt

lips smart after a

parting shot you/r trip

wire garrottes, hark

a curt joke fraught

blames and


on the

tosspike: I dream I

nevered you rose

after the curfew

to free

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