Tuesday, May 12, 2009


you/r fake and the must therefore after many eventual edges

to knives theirs the choice theirs the active: I

the which best? utility array: I

serendipitous seaming

display my solomon’s

riding carpet: I

fleck-one deft-


sudden seeming

sweep you away on

trust my ah there flick-one

sway you/r unawares cut watch

y/our flail y/our beautiful tailwing slut pervail you/r splitty

fail you/r narcissus überbent you/r miasammed

disregard; the butter-one used as

shiv: scalpel too obvious

you/r fight the deadening you/r escape you/r

propofol lie propping watch breath watch head-

turn watch you/r dense innocence hiss

from you/r effect-hole every fibre

strain for good, kind, sweet,

innocent, always the

underdog re-

frain: I

haft for chorus

unbroken chorus

of pre-tend christian and bible

and hebrew 'n snatch you/r bloody

image build into its own cur-cancer: I

whittle the seduct veins make fly make rise

make fake aspiration an art form feed you/r greedy

you/r insatiable you/r painself nurturing each young

you/rthrob-artery into ritual aggrandisement

would fork you/r pride flubber would

cuttle-lick a what a prick

you/r essence disabléd

a slow -build pin


do bet do wish do spell

for an arsehole anastrozole

would fist a catling into your curare dread

but take my lancet wit and burst

you/r bubble in


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