Monday, June 01, 2009


y/our lithotomy decision: I make dumb-plunge
for you/r rimrose furl stake incise yearn
for y/our testie-pearl my eh maunder
offer eh saunter slow-slaughter
tongue proffer touch softslice
berate buhl-slop seb
get glottal
am ama
for you
y/our perinæummy yum yum fake babydoll
up-over gait place-satiated a marauder
nacre-griseous reprobatic slubspot
draw curl smile glint eye all-pore
tease need heist need pinch
aim lateral thumb drive
pull’d spoon slot: I
a slithe aptha blob on my lesion-leaf roll
lickit-paan into spittle balm between
my very rocket teeth gasp that
and that and momentary
tactics and full gone
play velvet
for you
eat against cheek mm-sway against better
judgement a glut savvy a dripbint
tendency giveaway maybe
pterridae bloys a’tinkle
in the cumsee
pretend fingertip mop up my thattering slobber
mini-mukhwas coelum-card called in my
soul-domed khaas-daan casket
synphysis synthesis dismay
areca psi-spick after-chalk
wreck: I
hide recison in my cuboid footbone
paranænussed trussed trust regret

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This a great poem. Your a very talented poet.
well job, i really enjoy read it. Thanks Dear
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