Friday, June 19, 2009

'dressing my dead dear 

I blaze: I squibble the squittle scree with my dutynails: I

my duty to unhole you you/r control you/r doublelife re-

veal have set have aim have determined foot-

stalk have in hand my traumaorial my

ruled killtag my checkdead stick: I

pit you/r throbgland against

previous its now eventual

poke my wishfist inside

you/r clitmiss game fit

you/r duename onto

you/r lower jaw

slot you/r fuckedlot: I

fid cordage wet around you/r once

pink pocked duckchest let sindrip you/r fecal past is

bullets slimegrouting outta you/r wan-throat: I

fête you/r tempura-ture steam spout keep

y/our unspoilt you/r fresh you/r jivehive

demeanours a’smart an’ bloodfroth

fount my whetspit comes to you/r

congealing conformity caul a

handy hemp-hank falls

from my right

ear tithers its net potential triple-tithed form

you/r hidden account remarks too sickeningly

shallow you/r uncouth glabberings smartcasms stay press

off-the-shelf readiness in depth: I bag you a pax-rest

death wend us food solution beget a begging tail

trotter collection shall fest a neck bite later raw

you/r cavity crimes glaupous on the

temple floor

shall savour you/r buckshottéd tripe moves shall bemove

necrophilial dance grooves around you/r half-

moons shall spoon you/r poxes under

rosaried saltdunes witch bottle

against tapeworm wash y/our

blue drainveins to woo-hue

shall pan you y/our driedhide become a revolution: I

chundle my foie de coeur gather our common

fashion into a carcass hope

bundle, turn scatter

kill-pearls once

home put on

a candle

to burn

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