Wednesday, July 30, 2008


s/he says fuck the fosse too inoften: and
its graffage is a divide: we
slide the sheugh-scarp
on our relief hints: we
savvy our soso-slurry: into
certain house divides bermed
and impermeable: I
dowse scattle words
for t/heir teeth chatter: I
dither t/heir leg sike
for determinate
for hitherto splatter
counterdrainage in: the
intrenched vanfessed matter: all
pastwall the last-ditch
the crutch delf intest
the cornermouth dribble
the wishfest
the grab
the bib
rip sluit-shoot
the breast fetch
the no rest suckle
the slow moreslow slide: to
the rim rime
toss pretext
thence milkprize zest
..jumpscarp juice crest:
s/he's a’pinch for the landmark neck
ringfence missy and stoodfast stet
and slutwet: I
forget each time: and
buck the engorge: and
levy a

Sunday, July 27, 2008


have dropped y/our cold snap y/our
raw tack joint and several in the
wingepool: the weather is a
surround no matter its former: y/our
meltvoice curative on matters: of
profound of serial of indebted
close bletted into sleep preamber y/our
some is talk is ardent is
some canny is cloistoral: the
whisper-test a hounds’haunt
barracking lust pictures banned from
their mooring: a
caul cool hooding its dirndl safehouse
natter over t/his history-serious
past: you
hoik y/our placed bets for the bleedsafe
snivel one care passed caring past
caring a repetitive aeromancy
a step test and: onto
the null
an ice element
a clement lull for the old spell grab
tendency, saliva makes a sultry forecast
down touch-chest: a
labial restless: a
coriolissed: a
perfervid: a
taste piddle

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


y/our give me detail: a
petal drape-crease elbow-desist chair
stretcher bare lip quiver singular
more lick lustre: y/our
contingent: upon
closer upon minutia suck upon
backlook: I slip for the no putupon
seep into let-perfection: y/our
run driftage, slubsyllabub
stocking’d slymargin: we
day streamtime pause
we the should respite
the concessive abandon: y/our
vanishing-for point score: we
the ahfuck fundamentalist
into its she-shine chuck
our persist she-lacks derogatory cause: the
perhaps after-her small smalltalk
go labyrinthine for
the pointillist sweet salt cause: y/our
forgot tongue re-membering
its saline fork clathers
for the mothermouth
all fine rub chalk
all blow graphite sub-sunflower ought old
brass redents up the thighs bought
by paper by money-evening by
residual fastening rough
resorts: I old fashioned newsprint
pawed up the
and: we: insured against the luckteat phenomenon
got wanwashed got ceased
got by by a sighsigned

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I seek the finthin slit-in the immense
scarification edge stigmatted upon
you like a mutated birth scar
strung glamorous and
pearly between
precum drops
firsted before
fist and twist: I
leaking the fingercarve
movement deft and sure-of-self
rim linked south from shoulder border
west to recommence a graphite rose bluemadder
wander-touch zenned for y/our
nether blubber then-scratch: I
slaughter tendrilly splays
cockchafey sudden
bloom anchors: a
tattoo-taste spit
lunges my
mouthway: I
bite y/our dermis-splint buff
feel-permeable covering away. Flense
and y/our denizened sweetcells
from written to
truffle come
flake to my
tongue-flay, leached ache-scum
to jaw could not have
gone more meat

Saturday, July 19, 2008


y/our cast-trail along my weave dredge: I
fasten eyes for slaverslime
for speculate
my greige goods are spoken to soft
drapes musktainted and
use trained: I
dewgland: I
sleetch the tipglide trail cover
splayed: y/our
settle fingers dither up the splatter
way: y/our hands paying residue
tax between my
creases my heave a lax
froth my Eve-shame sapropel: we
shudder the hessian coarse
grain to surrender
stains belted for luck: I
stuffle y/our amethyst marriage apron on
the piddle hook paddle the rug sedge
to dry rag surrender: I
pack pattern,
huddle: we
y/our risk smile
fray at the muck edges: I
trudge our lesser
y/our arms meticulous
in much

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I catch y/our strip there the catspew-fear: are
disremembered remains sheer and
fever-arreared piloerected
crawl-splayed double-
trailed to dribble
trace y/our: our
embrace proclivities
wall pawpad marked: its
pee-mad sprails claim the night
inspection where: you squaited: in
the pitch eves’ whitespace sprotted: a
past a she-enemy reaffirms
her traits psychobladdering
her previous form
her caulbore
domesticonstraints cojoins
four by four territorial want: of
more and more spored: she
deplores all y/our: yourshe
she grows screamical
demoniacal history
eventual history

her arreptitious shit tip worn: a
well walked by

Monday, July 07, 2008

leaning curve

her lap is a sailor drought
notable for compassgrass

after childbirth for three days
her legs together bound to

stop the lattice blood work
her knots dustbowl antics

she climbs maidenhead fern
steps progresses jacob’s

ladder stern wanderings
turn aft forebodings entire

botanies dirt trapped between
thighs and each hair a cheap

genealogy her no a lost shinepin
her skin sewn godless beaches

rimed by tideless tides her spurge
face her irises moons at a new

year eclipse she places a pinch
a’rotpeppar upon her bellyfur

lungfish spew chickpea millet
mix dead stars onto stillborn

surf and her husband cuts her
for his her-sperming next cum

time her waist is a mangle
for sweatressed defers and

every Sunday a bower fog
shall confuse her arm rigging

into a readable constellation
bogripe and cured for frigging

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


my scather in the sapwood: I
tear my pissbasque on
hornbeam pricks: t/his
tumbledung click reminds
scumber jacks scatter along y/our
fuckwish lines after: my foot
falls: I stall to spittle binds
more: starborn stallage
eft my knee voids
flattened by scabfeud
rewelled by meloid rub-burn spoils
foiled the: night wants you in me: I
puer in the fevertree shadow: I
empty me of
matter for our rectal
stecoraceous hallow spree
gutteral against incense cedars
spreadfruits shagbarks slitherleaf trees
swallows silenced as if by a neverdawn swear: forever
and more whatever is mine is yours a
shudder scream-promise follows a
slippery elm trumps its boilulcer
glutinsinuous grueltrunk
splinter balm and: I
am breast-hurt,
lopped in y/our


I have had my

eyes sliced

I am used to
being these two

persons one sees
one cannot cry bleeds

lids down the
long after the cheekbones

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