Friday, June 19, 2009

'dressing my dead dear 

I blaze: I squibble the squittle scree with my dutynails: I

my duty to unhole you you/r control you/r doublelife re-

veal have set have aim have determined foot-

stalk have in hand my traumaorial my

ruled killtag my checkdead stick: I

pit you/r throbgland against

previous its now eventual

poke my wishfist inside

you/r clitmiss game fit

you/r duename onto

you/r lower jaw

slot you/r fuckedlot: I

fid cordage wet around you/r once

pink pocked duckchest let sindrip you/r fecal past is

bullets slimegrouting outta you/r wan-throat: I

fête you/r tempura-ture steam spout keep

y/our unspoilt you/r fresh you/r jivehive

demeanours a’smart an’ bloodfroth

fount my whetspit comes to you/r

congealing conformity caul a

handy hemp-hank falls

from my right

ear tithers its net potential triple-tithed form

you/r hidden account remarks too sickeningly

shallow you/r uncouth glabberings smartcasms stay press

off-the-shelf readiness in depth: I bag you a pax-rest

death wend us food solution beget a begging tail

trotter collection shall fest a neck bite later raw

you/r cavity crimes glaupous on the

temple floor

shall savour you/r buckshottéd tripe moves shall bemove

necrophilial dance grooves around you/r half-

moons shall spoon you/r poxes under

rosaried saltdunes witch bottle

against tapeworm wash y/our

blue drainveins to woo-hue

shall pan you y/our driedhide become a revolution: I

chundle my foie de coeur gather our common

fashion into a carcass hope

bundle, turn scatter

kill-pearls once

home put on

a candle

to burn

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Monday, June 01, 2009


y/our lithotomy decision: I make dumb-plunge
for you/r rimrose furl stake incise yearn
for y/our testie-pearl my eh maunder
offer eh saunter slow-slaughter
tongue proffer touch softslice
berate buhl-slop seb
get glottal
am ama
for you
y/our perinæummy yum yum fake babydoll
up-over gait place-satiated a marauder
nacre-griseous reprobatic slubspot
draw curl smile glint eye all-pore
tease need heist need pinch
aim lateral thumb drive
pull’d spoon slot: I
a slithe aptha blob on my lesion-leaf roll
lickit-paan into spittle balm between
my very rocket teeth gasp that
and that and momentary
tactics and full gone
play velvet
for you
eat against cheek mm-sway against better
judgement a glut savvy a dripbint
tendency giveaway maybe
pterridae bloys a’tinkle
in the cumsee
pretend fingertip mop up my thattering slobber
mini-mukhwas coelum-card called in my
soul-domed khaas-daan casket
synphysis synthesis dismay
areca psi-spick after-chalk
wreck: I
hide recison in my cuboid footbone
paranænussed trussed trust regret

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


you/r fake and the must therefore after many eventual edges

to knives theirs the choice theirs the active: I

the which best? utility array: I

serendipitous seaming

display my solomon’s

riding carpet: I

fleck-one deft-


sudden seeming

sweep you away on

trust my ah there flick-one

sway you/r unawares cut watch

y/our flail y/our beautiful tailwing slut pervail you/r splitty

fail you/r narcissus überbent you/r miasammed

disregard; the butter-one used as

shiv: scalpel too obvious

you/r fight the deadening you/r escape you/r

propofol lie propping watch breath watch head-

turn watch you/r dense innocence hiss

from you/r effect-hole every fibre

strain for good, kind, sweet,

innocent, always the

underdog re-

frain: I

haft for chorus

unbroken chorus

of pre-tend christian and bible

and hebrew 'n snatch you/r bloody

image build into its own cur-cancer: I

whittle the seduct veins make fly make rise

make fake aspiration an art form feed you/r greedy

you/r insatiable you/r painself nurturing each young

you/rthrob-artery into ritual aggrandisement

would fork you/r pride flubber would

cuttle-lick a what a prick

you/r essence disabléd

a slow -build pin


do bet do wish do spell

for an arsehole anastrozole

would fist a catling into your curare dread

but take my lancet wit and burst

you/r bubble in


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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stradivarius sediments 

'A brave and original work,' the winner of this year's National Poetry Competition Christopher James on my poem 'Stradivarius sediments' in the Guardian's poetry workshop

Stradivarius sediments

my fingers fail their source: I

forage discovery, play Braille

with emerging acuity find

a Nile neck force a

flax field digest: I

flail for durra, falter, dither, pray

in sit-reps discover Bruce peas lobo

livingston stanley speke steppes

along the way: I

silt my hope grown frail sliver to

lint unlimp, purfling regrets a

slow brahms neck to

blue white blue

white fret: I

ignore sustenance

the wheated bores

the eonilitic clastics: I

felucca chopin, a fig melon

pomegranate cause, catgut for

that, a spruced euthenia, maple-hapi

anuket with schubert, a broad flet neilos-elgar

eldering my pegbox to its scroll, how

old this course this brave grabbing

this hailed brief spin of sorts

this eventual pining

deterioration cut

to a delta of, a



of course-lore

where we all in our own

ruvyironza sudden spiccatoed beginning


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Thursday, April 30, 2009


I: pave the swinepath you/r

directions are a desist you/r

desparple of the wise rue litter: I

dowse a sweet crack my clue-thorns

planted nether by my forebears

scent a thoroughfare scarce

and runnelled baybare a

spent discover a known

formal sepia spinthrift

agave horse chestnut

I shelter in the nowstoeps’

cover hysop-fill my hipbag with

syrup-tender, haunt melodies from

the pluck dunes the suck-sand spume-

shucks and only resolve and only an open

and still you/r sparsoil traillage

and still you/r whiffle

midden: I

trawl urge: I

tip over you/r

tittup-miscue strewing tap

backscatter my morning sads my

daunts. The begin. I hang my sipflask

on baal-hooks provender my decides, one

further a sententiae’d guilt array doxastic


spray-clichés: I

supplicate motivation: I

gather snowdrupes from under

spatter-clover fend the future-husks

no matter insperse-muck opinion spawl, crawl

one step, mark vision-stooks

slip so-seed

into the argue holes

you/r immigration deploys

you/r mind body apartheid

my nevertheless conviction-heresy

a lime-sparge on you/r bull philosophy: I

pouch my baby-belly with warm

workpalms hew with a

spare thought a

do-able a


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Thursday, April 09, 2009


I: mither bedlint and dust into an
approximation into an
eventual into an
effigy my fore and index
circumlittorate flows
the know eddy
the expects
the knurlish why
the re-expiscateds
those cycles from flush to
neck throes from breath
relents to gasps to
slow doom
the lesser moans
rising from morning-mons
the upsweat derisables, how
a pore catharsis to its seen-face
goes rosacea'hd and
rub e'scorched and
spunctions and
blown to unshunned sunset
I: famished into those
bloodruns their zest
their tart their face their therethere
usuable arguments how inflect how sharpt-
changeable the right to lengthy to how apt
finishing at a line a breadth-caught
imaginary a steady a beaded
lowerlip a churl a perhaps-
sentiment hucked
until... out
I: dry to
tender having
slissed the
a cloud-hollow armpit brief
a findplace ordering
a sky tut, in. A
miss of the balanced
I: mould smooth
until final, until

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Thursday, April 02, 2009


and: I am going into the sleepdark without

you defenestered out the uncouthing

night-window shout a hair-witch to

relieve me wreathe me

her juliet-chord: I

fall against


am stark

am uncert-feathered

by some lunar random

am try remembered then

am try endangered again then

try exhausted: I

almost level almost levered

surpassed by valerian posie

usurped by specie-special ride-hags

brought bouncing tugged

seduced stamped

dated related to

logicals put in

line the cunt-fume

caldroners hanker me: I

can only a no yet so silent

my horse-whisper breath imperceptible

all hollow all mouth curt all so-terrible

a deadcert ingluvies creature

come-crawls from the

creepspace silence

all shiverance all


hole-protuberance: I

my recollection of it shout

arms are pillow hurt

lips smart after a

parting shot you/r trip

wire garrottes, hark

a curt joke fraught

blames and


on the

tosspike: I dream I

nevered you rose

after the curfew

to free

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Thursday, March 26, 2009


you/r chirurgeonly hack you/r hang
on the skipper's door the blood
apron caked and drawn as
separating curtain you/r
barratry drawl how
how obvious how
the obvious-limbs fall
off how heavy-scatter after
the hacksaw how
the glance-
back how the
salivating trigger
the hypothecating trawl
you/r covet
you/r overstep
you/r patrooning rights
effects the eventual affects
like pluralated like underbrandied
screams the auguries are plump-ovened
a numb fights with death a dawn bursary
a slackening deadfest
birds gratis
hope apothecaric the turn
the amputee hurt the seemingly
familiar trust septicaemia'hd: I
pain-rehearse: I
cook a story: I
gather you/r bottomry slops unto
a girth of ripe-red a rump day
a repeat operation enough
speculation flesh for
piranha oceans
the deck bleached with analysis-lime
waves pound regret-froth an'
told-you shit, yet
bit by bit you
wash you/r
of it

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Saturday, February 28, 2009


the freedream comes down not
quite as nightdeal as dawn
sprooling its beleaguering: we
shall see cool white up this
spraxious and I: we
shall suffer dints
in the flinted
mommycries, electro-
magneticcreep thromboses, the
lesser palliative gutscorch minor
cornerspit sputter all the more
the wrentchful mutters the
major catch ears do
hear: we
feral the too soon promised
dawn corpse gathering
clouds refuse legalities
all’s as straightforward: a
necessary talisman spliced
between boards goatman ghost hangs
shoulder-out the bedroom’s
potplace cold’s off heat’s
buffering a fume from
the thigh-bellows
mercy hides
in its own cause wrapper
calipercure litters the walls and a
calligraphied belligerence dryblood
unsweet pigmeated clues
across ceilingwarps
a birdshort a quick
fault wrangled
tweetsnort an’
eight’s here
fraught fathomed with
the usual expected effort: I
turn to hay to straw clasp-halters: I
morph pretends to futures to
in stones to roadgang to
faux-ought brood we charade
in stones to roadgang to
orders from the thwartéds raise a leg
the cast is .......................................out
for a cool alter

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Saturday, February 07, 2009


I: do not inhabit nor ponder
do I the lickphyte
space but pour
you/r slick over
you a mucogeny in its effing
it sprawls a find it slews it savvers
y/our glink spew mother-of-pearl, a
sheen protistered roo-raw, its
pull positioning squestering
I: take from my suffer
bank maybe thus
score, blather in
the past
y/our sit suddenly
upon our undernail-
resuscitates, moon slits, scalp
grease-agreements, poor
managed morning
harbingers spit-
exchanges all
by y/our sloop daub stumble the
thigh gleen were a clusp baby
were my chit dither were
also my recover posture
metrotidal and true
and treasure pus
and tradeable
and plus and
y/our puckered ruff
a quotidian hallow I: forth
in staking it thus n no wander
but sprool the reason
gather from under y/our
skirt sprawl garner n
stagger n finger
for it along
its only n no other

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